Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo Review

Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention shampoo

When it comes to stopping the loss of hair, there are many products out on the market today that promise to do just that. However, most of these products either do not work or do not provide the intended results which makes the not worth the price. Furthermore, there are some hair loss prevention treatments that are expensive and rather difficult to properly use.
However, Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo promises to be different in that the product itself is applied easily and quickly to the affected areas. An important reminder is that this is not a hair re-growing product, but rather one that prevents the loss of hair which helps you to keep what you have.
In order to see if Lipogaine lives up to the promises it makes, a few important questions will need to be answered about how it is applied, the ingredients and if it really works as promised.


How to Apply Lipogaine

You use this product like you would any shampoo. Wet the hair and apply a generous portion to you scalp and run it through the follicles. Rinse your hair thoroughly and then repeat the process while gently massaging it into your hair and scalp for about a minute and then leaving it in place for roughly three to five minutes before rinsing.
It is recommended that you use this product two to three times a week depending on the oil and dirt level in your hair. However, the instructions are very much like that of any shampoo product.

Features of Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

Lipogaine Big 3 consists of a combination of natural products and specific ingredients that are designed to be gentle on the hair and scalp. The idea behind the product is that it allows for natural hair growth thanks to the prevention of losing hair.
– Alkyl Sufonate, Polyglucose, and Glyco Stearate
– Cocoamidopropyl betain, Carbomer Ketoconazole, and Propylene Glycol,
– PEG-150 Distearate, Polyquart-10, and Phenoxyethanol
– Coco Glucose, Saw Palmetto, and Niacin
– Biotin, Emu Oil, and Pro-vitamin B5
– Peppermint, Essential Oil, Polysorbate-20, and Water
Benefits of Lipogaine Big 3 Premium
There are certainly many benefits that this particular product offers and some have touted it to be the best of all natural hair loss prevention shampoos.
– Uses Organic and Natural Products
– Moisturizes Dry Scalp
– Ketoconazole is Clinically Proven to Prevent Hair Loss
– No Sulfates and No Parabens

Is the Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo for you?

Finally, Lipogaine has been rated the #1 hair loss prevention shampoo for both men and women over the past three years.
However, there have been some customers who reported dryness in the scalp after using Lipogaine. For those who do experience such symptoms, it would be best to use a conditioner with the product to counter the effects.
The numerous advantages with this product combined with the ease of use helps make Lipogaine Big 3 Premium arguably the best on the market today when it comes to helping you keep your hair in a safe, natural way. The shampoo itself is very mild and even helps prevent dandruff flakes from forming while keeping the hair in place.
For those who are looking to stop the loss of their hair and start the re-growing process, then Lipogaine Big 3 Premium is the one for you.

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